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What Are Important Determinants of Consumer Behavior?

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❶Cultural and sub-cultural groups have their unique consumption patterns that provide important bases to the marketers.

Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour

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All these factors affect the buying behavior of consumer differently. I Cultural factors affecting consumer buying behavior: It is the family values, beliefs, perceptions and preferences affect the consumer buying behavior. Influencer- the person who senses the need to buy a product. Decider- the person who takes final decision to buy the product. It includes the persons with whom we interact like friends, neighbors, co- workers etc. Like a person plays the role of son, husband, brother, father, businessman etc.

So the consumer buying behavior depends upon the role played by him. III Personal factors affecting consumer behavior: Like very small child need toys to play with them and when they grow they need games, computer etc. In addition, older people make purchases that young people don't, including cars, houses and insurance policies. Age can also influence lifestyle. The most prominent example of the lifestyle factor in consumer behavior is customers who buy brand name clothing. Some consumers care about owning designer brands, while others don't.

Whether a consumer chooses products that enforce or create a specific image is dependent on his lifestyle. Consumer also shop in accordance with their occupation, which often dictates what a consumer needs and how they should dress. This goes hand in hand with income level. Consumers may consider price for a number of reasons, but the first is usually their own monthly earnings.

Lower-income consumers are interested in products that ensure their survival, while wealthier customers can afford more luxury items. Lastly, consumers shop based on personality. Every individual has his own preferences and interests that are not necessarily dependent on other factors. Businesses market certain fitness products to fitness buffs and entertainment products to film and television aficionados.

This factor often supersedes the others and appeals to consumers on an emotional and personal level.

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The determinants of consumer behaviour can be grouped into three major captions namely, economic, psychological and sociological. An attempt is made to elucidate these with least complications. Economic scientists were the first among social scientists to study consumers and their behaviour and.

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The buying behavior of consumer is affected by a number of factors which are generally uncontrollable. These factors are also known as determinants of consumer buying behavior. These factors are also known as determinants of consumer buying behavior.

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Determinants & Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour In a Market, different consumers have different needs. As all consumers are unique they exhibit different behaviour while making a purchase decision due to various factors influencing consumer behaviour. Determinants of Consumer Behaviour. Q. What is consumes behaviour? What are the various determinants of consumer behavior? Or Q. How can we analyze consumer market and what are determinants which tell buyer behavior? Ans.

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Consumer behaviour deals with the process of an individual or organization in coming to the purchase decision, whereas consumption behaviour is a study focus on consuming unit or service. Furthermore, there is a difference between consumer behaviour and buying behaviour. What Are Important Determinants of Consumer Behavior? by Todd Bowerman - Updated September 26, Predicting and understanding consumer behavior .