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What Is the Management Research Question Hierarchy for a Management Dilemma You Face at Work?

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❶I think they have narrowed down the focus and now, as I said, they must focus on golfing and social environment. To Build the management-research question hierarchy we will first start with the management dilemma.

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Homework help from our online tutors - BrainMass. Nashville-based TCS Management Group markets TeleCenter System software used to forecast staffing needs for reservation centers, order centers, or customer service centers.

Using TeleCenter systems allows companies to have the correct number of people on duty at any hour of the day or night, thereby optimizing the delivery of good service while holding costs as low as possible. TCS was planning a special two-day educational event, Users Forum, for its plus customers, but was unsure how many TeleCenter System users would attend. Scheduled at the Opryland Hotel, the forum would offer speakers, workshops, and presentations.

While TCS would underwrite the costs associated with planning the meeting and preparing the presentations, customers would be responsible for paying a fee to attend, as well as their own hotel and travel expenses to Nashville. While TCS had previously done most of its own customer satisfaction research, given the time frame of the need, it turned to Nashville-based Prince marketing , who promised to design, conduct, and interpret survey results within 21 days.

Three objectives were set for the phone survey: Determine the likelihood of Users Forum attendance. Update the TCS software users database for subsequent use in mailing quarterly newsletters, special announcements, and software updates. Measure the level of user satisfaction with the company and its software generally, as well as regarding specific software features and issues.

Respondents were asked to rate on a t-point scale the software's ease of use, the usefulness of software-generated reports, and satisfaction with service. Prince faxed the names and addresses of respondents indicating an interest in the Users Forum to TCS, which sent promotional materials immediately.

Prince surveyed customers; users and managers. Prince predicted that people would attend the forum. Actual Users Forum attendance was On customer service, 34 percent of respondents gave TCS a 7, the highest point on the rating scale. Yet respondents also offered that they wanted shorter response time and longer operating hours for telephone support staff, including Saturday access. TCS CEO Gordon said, "We have redeployed some of our people, expanding Saturday coverage, and instituted a beeper system to increase our responsiveness.

The research confirmed anecdotal evidence and reinforced internal initiatives to improve ease of use. Fully 84 percent said they would recommend the TCS system to colleagues, with 16 percent indicating they were too new to the software to form an opinion.

TC plans to use this endorsement to attract new users. All in all, the survey told us we're on the right rack - and that alone justified our investment in the research. Build the management-research question hierarchy. In this situation I see the management dilemma being, the need to attract more membership to support the new renovated facility and to account for the growing age of their current membership.

Their immediate goal is to bring golf memberships to and to increase social memberships as much as possible. The management question fairly simple, operating off the understanding that a management question is a question designed to ask how a problem can be solved or how an opportunity can be seized Schmidt, n.

In this situation the former is the aim of this management Question and thus the question is what can we do to increase membership. From here we move on to the research questions. The research questions should seek to discover what plausible courses of action are avaible for management to correct the problem at hand.

Coming up with research questions can be challenging. Some of the problems with developing research questions is determing what area to focus on Kinmond, K. Obviously the focus is on how to increase membership, but in this focus there could be a multitude of options to consider.

Here are some research questions I would pose. These questions should uncover some of the possible courses of action. Further research showed that NCR employees had a desire for more of a full service club that offered more than just golf. For example fitness centers, spas, and tennis courts were among the additional facilities requested. The fourth step of the hierarchy is to ask investigative questions.

The purpose of the investigative question is to solicit information that would help determine how to properly choose from the available courses of action. Measurement Question What should be asked or observed to obtain the information the manager needs? Management Decision What is the recommended course of action from the given research finding? What is the definition of management research?

Management Research can be broadly defined " as a form of systematic inquiry that contributes to knowledge in the field of management". It is also about searching systematically for solutions to management problems - Dr. Application of Maslow's hierarchy to sales management? Why research is important for manager? What are the problems of estate management research? Some of the common problems that affect estate management researchare that most of the recommendations cannot work on a differentestate in a different location.

Most of the management approachesshould be on a case by case basis. Dilemma Between the stakeholder and the manager? First the relationship is reciprocal, a manager can be a stakeholder and a stakeholder can be a manager.

A stakeholder is any person with a interest in the project. It might be the CEO of the company, a manager, a client, etc Sometimes, there are conflicting motivations between the stakeholder that wants profit and manager that wants leisure and security, these motivations are called agency problem..

Solutions to Agency Problems: What questions to ask the Hiring Manager? The following are some good questions to ask at an interview with hiring manager: Can you tell me more about the position and the type of person you are seeking?

Why did you decide to join this company? How would you describe your management style? Would you please describe your company's strengths and weaknesses? Can you tell me about the employees who work in this department? How do you communicate with your team? Why was this new position created? Do you offer employee training? How does the company promote and support professional growth? Can you identify typical career paths based on past records? Which specific skills are necessary to succeed in this job?

What is the first problem that would need the attention of the person you hire? How has the job been performed before? What are the key responsibilities of the job?

What are the long term objectives of this job? How would be my spending authority and responsibilities? What are this department's goals over the next two or three years?

How is one's performance evaluated? By whom, How often? Who do you consider your customers to be? What is your competitive advantage in the marketplace? What would you consider to be excellent performance from someone performing in this position in the first 3 months?

Is there anything else you'd like to know? When can I expect to hear from you? May I follow up with you by phone within one week? I feel my background and experience are a good fit for this position and I am very interested. I am ready to consider your best offer! What is the relationship between management levels and hierarchy of needs? There is a direct relationship between management levels andMaslow's hierarchy of needs.

It is a theory of human motivationwhich emphasizes on describing the stages of growth in human. What is management dilemma? Managing Dilemmas focuses on ongoing approaches that maximize the benefits of both sides of a dilemma while minimizing the drawbacks of pursing either side alone.

What Challanges are faced by financial managers? Financial managers must examine whether projects are a good riskfor businesses. They must also examine what investments are goodfor businesses. What are the challenges faced by international managers? What is information research management? Perhaps you meant Information Resource management, or Information Management Information research management would indicate to me a job consisting of collecting data data farming and collating it into information that could be easily interpreted, for example looking at trends.

Describe the project management hierarchy that will be place for the duration of the project? Whilst writing a Project Initiation Document you as the Project Manager will be asked to detail what the project management hierachy ie the reporting and escalation path will be..

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Chapter 4: The Business Research Process: An Overview The research process begins when a management dilemma triggers the need for a decision. The origin, selection, statement, exploration, and refinement of the management question is the most critical part of the research process.

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A management question asks what can management do to eliminate the problem. The research question then determines what it is possible to change on management's part to correct the problem. For example, management may want to consider if switching to a different provider would ensure the products are not late in the future.

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Management research question hierarchy is a step process of solving a dilemma from management dilemma to management decision. They have include six steps. Build the management-research question hierarchy, through the investigative questions stage%(67).

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Build the management-research question hierarchy, through the investigative questions stage. Then compare your list with the measurement questions asked. To Build the management-research question hierarchy we will first start with the management dilemma. up by a pilot study to narrow key research questions to factors that have greater importance with respect to productivity. 8. Develop the management-research question hierarchy (Exhibits and ), citing management dilemma, management question, and research question(s) for each of the following: a. The production manager of a shoe factory. b.