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171 words Short Essay on my Motherland India

A Short Essay & Paragraph on My Motherland

❶It was a day of fulfillment, it was the day of a new beginning, a birth of a nation. We produce wheat, rice, oil seeds, cotton and spices.

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One might get this topic later for essay or speech too. I could have spoken with you at any time, but I ignored it. I kept myself busy in school , tuitions, video games , burgers, and whatnot.

I easily find time to watch a Disney movie, the same way I could have found time to talk to you. I know you have heart of gold, you will forgive your child and write me back. I want to tell you what I am going to do for you. In fact, I am too little to do anything for you, you are almighty, what I can do for you. Still, there are little things I can do to respect you and to value your gifts.

You gifted us food, shelter, freedom, and identity. But as we are not paying for it or fought for it, we have ignored you, we have taken you for granted. But I am going to correct my mistakes now. From today I will not litter on roads, I will not use plastic. People and in some sense, I am responsible for all filth we throw at you. You gifted us lush green lands, food, and meadows with rainbows on top but we littered it with filth.

We poisoned our food for profits, now onwards I will only eat organic food. We bored holes in your chest to squeeze out water and we wasted it in swimming pools. We scratched you to mine gold and diamonds to satisfy our egos. You gave us open fields to play but we locked ourselves in front of a console. There is natural beauty everywhere but our eyes stuck on phone screens. You nourished us from birth and we dream to settle on a foreign land one day.

We blame others for not doing their things. We keep pointing fingers at others, but we ourselves repeat same mistakes. Your great sons and daughters martyred for your freedom and we keep fighting for petty things.

Maybe we are like this because you are a mother, you loved us like own child. We took your love for granted. You gave us everything free of cost and we wasted it. You are powerful like almighty God, you can get it all straight in no time. You have all weapons and tricks to get it done, but you have a heart of a mother, you will never harm your children.

It is up to us to understand, it is the time to wake up. We have already made a blunder, nevertheless, it is never too late to start. Oh, mother; I love you from bottom of my heart. Please forgive me, please forgive us all for being so naive and ignorant. I will do all that in my capacity to make it all good. The poem expresses the journey of a person who left the country in pursuit of better opportunities.

This is our original poem, we hope you will like it. If so, do not forget to share and comment. I left you to spread my wings, to live on my own, I forgot how much you loved, I never understood, how much you cared…. Everything there was just fine, I was working till five from nine, I thought I would do it on my own, but I never felt it like home…. This is a good initiative to promote letter writing. Today we got a lot of options to communicate, we have emails, we have chat app, messengers and what not.

Businesses are replacing human support personnel with chat bots. It is the land of truth and peace. I am proud of this great land- my motherland! India is very big country. From the north to the south, it is about kilometers. From the east to the west, it is about kilometers. In the north, we have Jammu and Kashmir. In the south, we have Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In the east, there are Mizoram, Manipur and Meghalaya.

In the west, there are Gujarat and Rajasthan. People of all castes live in this country. They live in a peace and unity. They live like bothers as one family. India is the land of great saints like the Buddha and Guru Nanak.

It is the land of great poets like Kalidas and Tagore. It is the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Motilal Nehru. Before , India was under the British rule. The British ruled our country for about years. They made our country weak and poor. They were cruel people. We fought against them for our freedom. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were our national leaders in battle. They were angles of peace. They fought without ay sword or gun. They forced the British to leave our country.

India became free on 15 August, India is now a freedom country with fast developing. The Tricolor is our national flag. We will keep if flying high in the air. We will always protect it. We salute our national flag!

I am very proud that I can speak this romantic and emotional language fluently. My Motherland is one of a kind and like a mother to me.

Her eyes are blue lakes and blue rivers. Ukraine is unending fields of corn, blossom fields of flowers, and the sweet cherry gardens. I will not forget that I am a child of this nation. I love my motherland because she is the first one I had.

I love you, my Ukraine and I miss you so much. Two weeks ago I returned from a visit to my homeland and remembered why I believe in it so much. I believe in you, my Ukraine. If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc.

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Please contact This I Believe, Inc. Winter Prosapio and her family endured a series of medical and financial troubles that left them feeling broken and bruised.

Letter to My Motherland in English

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words essay on India Our Motherland. We live in India. We live in India. It is our motherland. It is situated in Asia. It is the second most populous country in the world next to China. In terms of area it ranks seventh in the world. It is a .

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India is my motherland. It is a country of lakes, gardens, springs and hills. She has many rivers which irrigate her vast and fertile lands.

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India is my motherland country.I love my motherland view is a very large the Himalaya down to the Kanyakumari. Our India's popullation is above crores mostly India's popullation live in villages . Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on India My Motherland Essay.

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