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❶Alcohol can also be addictive. The contest is open to students in grades nine through twelve.

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Why do we have rules?
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We are NOT writing the intro and conclusion today. It is your topic sentence of the first body paragraph. Take your first red dot. This is the second sentence in your first body paragraph. Now, on the note card, elaborate on your first two sentences. Use information from your D. Use facts to support your topic sentence and explanation. Finish this paragraph with sentences to support your topic sentence. Take your second yellow dot. It is your topic sentence of the second body paragraph.

Take your second red dot. This is the second sentence in your second body paragraph. It is your topic sentence of the third body paragraph. Take your third red dot. This is the second sentence in your third body paragraph. When it is consumed, alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream. Because it enters the bloodstream so quickly, it can cause a person to lose control of their body, their ability to speak, and their ability to make good decisions.

If a person consumes to much alcohol, they can go into a coma or even die. Alcohol can even negatively effect every organ in the human body. Because alcohol can effect a person's judgment, understanding the side-effects of alcohol can help me to recognize when a friend is in trouble. I have learned that if a friend passes out from drinking, it is important to call for help immediately. Friends who have been drinking should not be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, and I should not get into a car with someone who has been drinking.

Alcohol can hurt me, even if I haven't been drinking. While relation the notion of a rule to other disciplines, its meaning may transform partially. While talking about rules in the society, those are the specific sets of norms of behavior, regulations, and laws established on purpose to regulate the life in the community. These norms secure the order and allow avoiding total chaos.

The sets of rules available nowadays have undergone a long formation process. There were many variations and transformations applied. Due to that, nowadays we have a well-established social, governmental and educational mechanisms that work as a clock — accurately, simultaneously and in an organized way. The availability of rules is a crucial criterion allowing to call a nowadays society civilized and well-developed. Rules help people in many aspects of life.

First and foremost, they enable people to organize all the processes correctly, starting from house chores and ending with more complicated issues as, for example, the functioning of a whole country. Rules are specific modes of behavior that secure a regulated flow of all processes. A well-developed system of rules helps humanity to avoid chaos and many problems that may be caused by the lack of regulations. Laws dictate what is proper and what is wrong.

In many spheres of life, we have guidelines to follow. Thanks to them, we can perform various processes. Norms enable people to interact, to work together and contribute to the global development. Rules of nutrition can help to prevent health problems. Religious laws help people to identification their belonging to a particular group, who have the same views on life and live by the same principle. Moral rules assist people in the establishment of shared values and norms in accordance to which an honorable member of society can be identified.

They are the pieces of the mechanism that influence the substantial and peaceful development of the world and humanity. Thanks to the availability of regulations the society exists, not just a crowd of people. These simple algorithms from ancient times helped people to organize their life. Rules provoked the arising of the civilization, contributed to the development of countries, technology, education, etc.

People may do anything, but their plans and actions may bring harm to other members of society. Sometimes the interests of some people contradict with the desires and aspirations of others. It may cause conflicts and lead to serious misunderstandings. Using drugs can have harmful effects on our family and friends. They can make us do things that under normal circumstances we would not normally do, like steal and lie. It would be horrible to me if my family could not trust me, because their trust and faith in me means too much.

If doing drugs means losing friends, my friends are more important. Besides my real friends would never ask me to do drugs anyway.

I did learn that all drugs are not bad for us. Dr's give us drugs to make us better when we are sick or hurt. But sometimes, you can get addicted to drugs that the Dr gives you. When my sister Lauren had her surgery for her appendix, the Dr gave her drugs that were very strong for the pain, my mom flushed them down the toilet, and had her use less strong drugs.

Why are rules important?

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- This essay is the students chance to express their feelings on what they have learned over the course of D.A.R.E.; therefore, I encourage them to be creative and to provide personal experiences if they wish.

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Watch this video by a former PCE 6th grader. Wait for the video to finish loading before you attempt to watch. DAY 1 You will now begin drafting your D.A.R.E. report. Your report must be five paragraphs long and include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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Free Essay: "Dare To Be Different" | If you want to get what everyone is getting, do what everyone is doing. Mr. Toastmaster, ladies and gentlemen. And because of Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), I know drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are going to chomp away at my chances. Memory loss and heart disease are only some of the severe consequences that will happen if I use these harmful substances.