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Why Taking Risks Comes With Great Rewards

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❶From hence, it becomes easy to start thinking of solutions even before taking a risk. Also with the benefit of hindsight, I realize that before meeting every hotel manager, my fears were not irrational phobias but intuitive checks serving as reminders that a thorough job had not be done as regards preparation.

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Either of the extremes can be eliminated if people follow through various steps. To start with, individuals must consider the end of the journey before taking the risk. Particularly, goals should be set clearly so that one may remain focused on the positive part of the journey. Secondly, it is important to recognize the challenges and obstacles of achieving the goals.

This may be inclusive of physical obstacles such as lack of finances, or the intangible obstacles such as the fear of the unknown. From hence, it becomes easy to start thinking of solutions even before taking a risk. However, there are instances when risk taking is not advisable. If an individual cannot handle the consequences of a risk, then it is better off to either take time to prepare for it, or abandon the idea all together.

Thirdly, an individual needs to get started. Though this step is usually the toughest, one must gather courage and get started. There should never be fear when the start becomes rocky, the pre-set goals should keep one focused and hence keep moving on. An individual can overcome their fear of getting into risky ventures by starting small. In a business venture for instance, a small amount of money can be channeled towards the venture, and lessons learnt on what the potential clients are looking for.

With such information, it becomes easy to commit a lot of money towards the business because there is some level of certainty and predictability. Timing is one of the most important aspects of risk taking and management.

For that end, she explores the matter from the two sides, neuroscientific and behavioral. She also aims at disapproving the fact that greater risk taking comes from irrationality or ignorance, and applies several studies to support her counterargument.

Steinberg should be credited for revealing a new perspective on risk taking. She explains that a need for taking risks comes from the interaction of two components: And this is the conflict between these two components that leads to the statistics mentioned above. Logical reasoning develops quicker, but an adolescent is very dependent on his emotions and society around because it takes much longer for psychological capacities to form.

These capacities are responsible for impulse control and regulation of emotions. That is why decision making improves only in adulthood and only after gratification is delayed risk taking becomes more moderate.

Further, the author tries to find an evidence of her hypothesis in both developmental neuroscience and behavioral psychology. As for physiological point of view, the interaction takes place between two brain networks. One of them is socioemotional network which is responsible for reward processing and impacted by hormonal changes.

As for the location of this network, it embraces limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain, amygdala, ventral striatum, orbitofrontal cortex, medial prefrontal cortex, and superior temporal sulcus Steinberg , p.

Another network is cognitive-control network that is responsible for planning and forecasting situation and self-regulation as well. This network is localized in the lateral prefrontal and parietal cortices. It takes longer for the second network to gain influence, and in the competition of the two networks the first becomes more assertive.

In this way, slow maturation of the cognitive-control system is claimed to be the main reason of the risk taking rates among adolescents, while logical-reasoning abilities of adolescents occur to be quite the same as those of adults.


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Taking Risks. Essay sample is provided by Taking risks can be scary because of the uncertainty and unpredictability involved. Yet, the rewards can be great. An individual can utilize their talents and abilities and at the same time get lessons on how to follow through set goals.

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Positive Risk Taking Essay Words | 18 Pages Support positive risk taking in everyday life Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life, Risk for most people is an accepted part of everyday life e.g. catching a bus or walking to the shop etc will carry some element of risk.

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If instead of taking the risk of plunging into the water, we take elaborate steps in studying about all aspects of swimming, theorizing about it and then carefully testing things out, we would probably never get to the actual process of swimming. Risk taking is necessary for all writers to uptake because it is a learning process, which leads to understating our inner critic and finding of our voice during the writing process. The most important thing that we can do before writing an essay is to get a very clear meaning on what a risk is.

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risk taking essays In our lives, it is important to exercise self-command. However, we should not be so concerned with the future that we stifle the present. The question becomes what balance should we strike between self-command and risks? What kinds of risks are acceptable or unacceptable? I. When risk taking is rewarded by peers, it becomes natural for a teenager, and when there is a choice between conservative and rational decisions on the one hand and risky but potentially highly rewarded decisions on the .