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Customer Co-Creation

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❶Complete co-creation refers to the "transparent process of value creation in ongoing, productive collaboration with, and supported by all relevant parties, with end-users playing a central role" Jansen and Pieters, , p.

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Jun 10,  · The concept has been around since yet has taken over a decade to catch on. Co-creation is not a customer advisory board .

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Customer co-creation, in short, is open innovation with customers. It is a product (or service) development approach where users and customers are actively involved and take part in the design of a new offering.

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“The link between the customer has gone well beyond functionality and brand,” says retail customer experience consultant, Francesca Danzi, on why she thinks Made is a great example of co-creation. Take a look at the Wikipedia definition of customer co-creation and it will tell you that: “Co-creation is the practice of product or service development that is collaboratively executed by developers and stakeholders together”.

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What is a co-creation community? Customer co-creation is not a fad or “kumbaya” alternative to traditional ideation. It simply recognizes the fact that your passionate customers remain an untapped resource for improving your ideation success rate. And perhaps just as importantly, collaboration and co-creation are increasingly central to creating customer value. Open innovation thinking, where companies collaborate with suppliers, distributors, and customers to co-create unique value, is fast replacing traditional thinking that viewed innovation as a proprietary activity and marketing as.