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What Are the Differences Between Litmus Paper & pH Strips?

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❶These commercial indicators e. Explain that first you will show students how water molecules interact with each other before an acid or a base is added.

How Does Litmus Paper Work?

Universal Indicator Paper
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The smaller the pH number, the more acid it is, the greater the pH number, the more alkaline it is, and if the pH is close to 7, you have a more or less neutral solution that has neither acidic or alkaline chemical properties. You can also used paper impregnated with an indicator solution pH paper , the paper is dipped in the solution and again the colour matched with a pH chart. This is quite handy for testing soil mixed and shaken with water.

You can get special soil testing kits which use indicator solution and the colour of the indicator in the water is matched with a chart after the soil has settled out. An indicator is a dye substance or mixture of coloured substances that when added to the solution gives a different colour depending on the pH of the solution.

Universal indicator solution or paper, is prepared from mixing several indicators to give a variety of colours to match a wide range of pH values from very acid to very alkaline. The mixture of dyes responds to changes in pH, so depending on what the pH is, i.

Not only that, an indicator like universal indicator' can tell you how strongly acid or strongly alkaline the solution is by giving you the pH to about the nearest indicator. A calibrated instrument called a pH meter can give the pH to two decimal places.

The diagram above gives the sort of range of colours you get from using universal indicator , which is a complex mixture of different dye molecules that respond to changes in pH. Theoretically there is no limit to the pH scale, but most solutions are between pH 0 and pH For example, looking at the 'extremes', 1M hydrochloric acid HCl has a pH of 0 and 10M HCl has a pH of —1 and these would be described as strongly acidic solutions.

The closer the pH is to 7, the less strong is the acid or alkali. However the solubility limits of substances in water ensures that its almost impossible to get below —1 or above 15 and most laboratory measurements will be in the range pH 1 to pH The pH scale is known as a logarithmic scale of base Other common indicators used in the laboratory often used in titrations — e.

The pH meter is calibrated against a standard buffer solution of very accurately known pH. Water is a neutral liquid with a pH of 7 green with universal indicator.

When a substance dissolves in water it forms an aqueous aq solution that may be acidic, neutral or alkaline. If the solution of the substance has a pH of 7 it is described as neutral.

Acidic solutions have a pH of less than 7 , and the lower the number, the stronger the acid it, or the more acidic the solution. An acid is a substance that reacts with metals and bases to form a salt. In more advanced theory an acid is defined as a proton donor Neutral solutions have a pH of 7. These are quite often solutions of salts , which are themselves formed from neutralising acids and bases.

The 'opposite' of an acid is called a base. A base is a chemical that reacts with acids to form a salt e. In more advanced theory a base is defined as a proton acceptor See Reactions of bases-alkalis like sodium hydroxide for examples. Some bases are soluble in water to give alkaline solutions — these are known as alkalis. Alkaline solutions have a pH of over 7 and the higher the pH the stronger is the alkali, the more alkaline is the solution.

Weak alkalis soluble bases like ammonia give a pH of 10—11 but strong alkalis soluble bases like sodium hydroxide give a pH of 13— Alkalis give blue—purple—violet colour with universal indicator or litmus paper. All bases, soluble or insoluble reaction with acids in a neutralisation reaction to form a salt like compound. More advanced Acid—Base Theory.

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Universal indicator, or alkacid, paper is very specific. It corresponds to the exact colors on the pH scale with a different color arranged in the order of colors found in the rainbow for every number on the pH scale.

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A pH indicator is a halochromic chemical compound added in small amounts to a solution so the pH they are usually destroyed at the extreme ends of the pH scale due to undesired side reactions. Application an unfitting pH indicator may induce a color change in the indicator-containing solution before or after the actual equivalence point.

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Hydrion Insta-Chek pH Papers provide: A direct reading pH paper with the widest range available in a single paper A simple, single color match for all pH values Distinct and easily matched color separations Accurate, reproducible readings with an immediate response Hydrion Wide Range pH Paper is a general use pH paper/5(). This page introduces and explains the pH scale measuring the relative acidity and alkalinity of aqueous solutions, that is solutions of substances dissolved in water. The use of indicators is described and several well known indicators are tabulated showing their different colours in solutions of different pH. You can also used paper.

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pH Without Color Scale These products are simple, completely impregnated indicator papers, which do not allow exact pH determinations, but pH adjustments during special chemical procedures. For this reason, no color scale is provided with these papers. pH and Color Change. Key Concepts. Whether a solution is acidic or basic can be measured on the pH scale. When universal indicator is added to a solution, the color change can indicate the approximate pH of the solution. Acids cause universal indicator solution to change from green toward red.