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An Essay On Love: Why I Believe True Love Exists And How We Can Find It

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You Found Love! Now What?

Being human is what makes us vulnerable to indifference and rejection. Without feeling loved or cared for, it may bring a person to lose hope and even the will to continue living. True love is hard to find, but once found must be cherished. True love is consistent with your values and goals. True love expands your sense of self and helps you function in this world. True love is something we should all strive to find. True love should make you change for the better, and should make you grow as a person.

True love is usually a positive motivator. However this may not always be the case. It is usually a positive motivator because when in love, you want to be a better person. We want that person to see us as worthy enough to be with them. True love may also motivate us negatively. Sometimes you are so in love that nothing matters but that one person. Your world begins to revolve around them; everything you do and think about seems to be just them.

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We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. It took a friend pointing it out to make me realize that I was in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship. And for good reason. Life can be pretty awesome, and love can make it even better. Picture your dream partner and what they will be like. Make a list of traits and remember that personality traits are more important that physical, though those are important as well.

Wake up every morning seeing the day ahead as an opportunity to better yourself and your life, while at the same time helping others as well. It may feel a little awkward at first, but you will flourish in your new positive environment.

It is also true what they say: For someone to love you, you have to love yourself. Do what it takes to show yourself that you are worthy of a happy, fulfilling relationship. Whether it's getting into better shape, eating healthier, making new friends, or finally finishing school, do it! Your future self will thank you for it. I think people sometimes forget that humans are social creatures and that we need to interact with one another.

Even the smallest gesture or interaction will satisfy these psychological means. Everyone has them, too. Even the "loners" eventually find other "loners" to be "loners" with! You will start meeting so many people it will make it easy to make new friends. Remember not to overwhelm yourself with all these new people. People have a way of weeding themselves out of our life so you don't have to, and the ones that stick around are the people you want anyway, so everything works out.

Get out of your comfort zone! Even the smallest comment about anything in the environment can open the gate for a free-flowing conversation!

Some people love to talk and will talk to anyone. I learned this firsthand. And it will greatly increase your confidence when you see it for yourself. Most people take a passive role when it comes to love. I think of it as a numbers game; if you are moving about in circles of people like you same interests, values, etc.

I say exponentially because through every new person you may meet 3 more people -so meet 3 new people and that potentially means that you could meet 12 people total.

And then those new people may introduce more! It is a chain reaction. I don't like the idea of sitting back and waiting for something to happen. Leonardo da Vinci said, "People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them, they went out and happened to things. But for some, it is good enough to sit back and wait to see what the current on life brings.

You will need to show patience and don't be discouraged if the first few dates or potential mates don't measure it. I have been single for almost 2 years now, and there is no prospect in the horizon, but that can always change! The best part is that it only takes one person to change your world and make everything else make sense. All the incompatible people from your dating history will not matter when you find a keeper. And there are plenty of keepers out there, trust me.

The idea of there being a perfect for someone is a nice thought, but statistically impossible. There is probably no one that matches you on every interest and level, but would you want that anyway? It may be boring. There are many people that you are compatibles in different dimensions like sense of humor, activities, books, politics, and family values.

Be truly open with the possibility of falling in love. I know a lot of people with issues they carry from past relationships. This is hard to recognize and admit for some people but can make or break the next relationship. Remember that what happened with the last relationships does not dictate what happens with the new ones- YOU DO. They are not the same people.

I have seen some of the relationships with the best potential gone down the drain because of a person's baggage from the last. This is also a two-way street: This usually makes them jaded and makes it hard for them to trust again. If you notice a pattern on your past relationships, probably a link of reasons of why they are now past relationships, don't ignore them -explore them!

Write about them, talk about them -anything to help you learn better for the next. You may pleasantly surprised. Also this is a great way to get to know yourself: Keep your feet on the ground and don't illusion yourself. At the same time, enjoy the magic of chemistry two human beings can create with one another. Stay realistic but hopeful. This is a perfect balance, just like in nature, and can be difficult to accomplish.

Luckily you have your friends and family to help keep you in perspective. Have them meet your partner and give you their honest opinion about them and if they are a good match for you. This is a priceless opinion because no one knows you better than your friends and family, plus they have an objective view.

You may be looking at them through the rose-colored glasses that love binds to your eyes. This does not mean to be by yourself most of the time. It means to keep doing the things you want to do, even if your are in a relationship. If you love watching history documentaries, keep doing it!

This is an opportunity for you and your partner. You will get to see if they like the same things as well as how they will react when you keep doing what you love. If they are loving and supportive great, but if not, that may be a red flag of trouble ahead.

The ideal situation is that you both can do the same things you like together. But some alone time is also healthy. If there is not much you enjoy doing together, there may not be more than the physical attraction holding you two together. Not always, but sometimes this is the case. Keep your options open. Never settle for less than what you deserve. But if there are doubts in your mind, remember that there is no need for a commitment right away!

PART I: What is Love?

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The Meaning of True Love essaysMany people have lost the true meaning of love. Love is a very important part of one's life, and if there is uncertainty, it should not be pursued. The true meaning of love is to be in a complete and total bond with each other and care for each other when others.

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Sep 19,  · I have seen very few but very special relationships in my life that have given me the hope to believe in true love. I have also seen relationships that simply don't work. PairedLife» Love; An Essay On Love: Why I Believe True Love Exists And How We Can Find It. Updated on December 29, thephilosopherReviews: 1.

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True love is possibly the most fulfilling of life's secret treasures. but love by a lesser standard is still extremely important for the human experience. Free true love papers, essays, and research papers.

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The Meaning of True Love. 4 Pages Words November Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! “True Love” is a powerful piece that is told through the persona of an anonymous authoritarian bureaucrat who questions the value of love when compared to the needs of the state. “ True Love ” was written at a time when Soviet control was strangling the Eastern Bloc countries, particularly Poland.